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  3. Whenever I buy a box, I will MAIL you my orange cream! LOL You can have the strawberry and raspberry cream too. While I’m thinking about it…I need to send you a message about ordering some Scentsy!

    1. no_slappz, please have some mercy on Brooklyn. Do not take away what she has acediplmshco. Everybody can't be as great as you apparently are.On behalf of Mr. Field, and all FN Negroes, including Steve and AB, we wish you Happy Holidays in the interest of post-racial harmony and love. Isn't this sweet?

    2. Dear Mr. Poverello,This is an interesting post to put it mildly. Not all of it new to myself, but it is interesting when viewed in conjunction with other reports involving high profile and/or well connected persons/businesses. I do hope you have made suitable arrangements for your personal security. Yours sincerely,Philip Thomas

    3. I’ve wanted to read Murakami, but I never know exactly where to start. Do you have one to recommend for someone who has read nothing by him? I like novels with strong stories, so this sounds right up my alley actually. And good writing is obviously a huge bonus (and good translation even more so). Cool tumblr page by the way.

    4. Hi Bebe! Wow, I love how detailed your goals are. It will help you stick to them. I think your idea of building up to working our consistently is great. Start researching full body workouts for beginners when you begin to include weight training. Good Luck!

  4. unKnown قال:مرحبا اخ عمر مشكور على المقال قرأت قبل عدة ايام في منتديات XDA بان احد المبرمجين وجد في هاتفه النيكسوس ملف زائد هذا الملف الزائد يدل على امكانية انشاء مستخدمين اخرين و غووغل كانت تجربه بشكل خفي على بعض الاجهزة و ذلك استعدادا لاطلاقه بشكل رسمي

  5. Well, I got as far as Alaska. I’ve entered those markers I’d consider “historical”, in BC and YT and one in Alaska. Now my wrists are sore from mouse-clicking. They’re so unbelievably cool – all the pictures, I mean.

  6. سلام من بازی رو همه کاراش رو کردم ولی وقتی میخوام وارد یه سرور شم به سرور کانکت نمیشه یعنی اون صفحه کانکتینگ میاد ولی نمیره تو بازی بعد از یه مدت هم مینویسه سرور کانکتینگ تایمد اوت

  7. Dear Michael,many many congratulations to your beautiful work and the chance to share it with other people.I really admire how much and how beautiful and high energy is in your art and also in your life!Vlasta


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